Radarly News - January 2017

Welcome back Linkedin

2 years ago LinkedIn decided to shut down their search API. That’s why it was taken out from the Listening section of Radarly. Implement LinkedIn in the Social Performance is the first step to make it live again.

How to access the feature?

Social Performance > My accounts > Linkedin

What’s the scope of the feature?

  • Linked added to My accounts Overview page
  • Ability to plug a LinkedIn social account through the Settings
  • Linkedin metrics with the Global statistics and the Details by post page
    • Posts with engagement actions attached to the post (likes and comments)
    • Distribution & evolution of engagement actions of the LinkedIn account
    • Distribution & evolution of the followers (organic & paid)


How to connect a LinkedIn account through Radarly?

As for the other platforms, you can plug a Linkedin account through the Radarly settings page.

  • Step 1: Go to Settings_Social Accounts tab_Add LinkedIn button
  • Step 2: Go to the Settings_Dashboards tab_Social media account_Select Linkedin
  • Step 3: Check the indicators available in your dashboard Social Performance section > My accounts page_Linkedin


Because of the limitation (mentioned above), we can’t manage on V1 these specific cases:

  • You can only manage a LinkedIn page if you’re administrator of this page
  • You can’t manage LinkedIn in the Benchmark pages
  • You can’t manage LinkedIn in the Listening
  • You can’t post on Linkedin through Radarly
  • You can’t get details from private accounts
  • If you’re administrator of several LinkedIn pages you can plug only 1 page


the TOPIC release version

The deployed version is a major improvement of the Topic detection with the Topic Wheel

The Topic Wheel:

The Topic Wheel is a picture of the best topics (topics level 1 & 2) and the best entities (topics level 3) detected on the selected period. So the Topic Wheel is a new way to visualize insights also available in the Topic Stream Graph with more details thanks to the entities.


How to access the feature:

Since you can custom your views on Radarly, we need to manage two cases to be sure all the users can access to the feature.


  • We created a new view on all dashboards available here: Listening > Analytics > Details > New Custom View named : “Topic Wheel”  or "Topic".


Reporting: Benchmark section is now available in the Report Builder

We almost completed the sections available in the Report Builder. Indeed, we completed the scope of the social performance adding the Benchmark section in the reports.

You can now export in few clicks around 90% of the metrics available on Radarly interface.


How to access the feature?

As usual, Header > Report Builder > Social Performance part > Benchmark section