Radarly News - February 2017

What’s up Social Performance?

Social Performance global design recast

We operated a global recast of the Social Performance pages.

This novelty impacted the following pages / tabs:  

  • My Account > Global Statistics tab
  • My Account > Details by post tab
  • Benchmark > Overview tab
  • Benchmark > Details by brand tab
  • Benchmark > Duel tab

What’s new?

  • The navigation: Implementation of short links accesses to the platforms plugged into your dashboards through a subheader.
  • The framework of the metrics: We changed the way to group and display the metrics for a better user understanding (bigger charts, more tooltips, fewer tabs).
  • The design: We applied the new template and the new style used for a few months on the other pages of the application.

Social Performance > My accounts > Global statistics tab:




Publication punchcard implementation

Recast of the benchmark was also the opportunity to implement the publication punchcard. What’s that? The punchcard is an indicator about publication activity of a social account. In other words, the component gives you the details (day / hour) of the number of post published on a social media account.

Where is the punchcard?

The feature is available in the Social Performance > Benchmark Page > Duel Tab

On which platforms ?

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • SinaWeibo


Export Radarly charts as images

Exporting insights of the Analytics pages in few seconds is now doable. A new button has been implemented to quickly export the components of the page as PNG file. The button is visible when you move your mouse over a chart, a wordcloud or a world map.

On which pages can I export the components of the page as image ?

  • Analytics > Overview > Queries chart
  • Analytics > Details > All components of the page
  • Analytics > Details > Zoomed mode into a tile > All components

Here is where the export button appears on mouseover:


Filters saved when I move from a page to another

We finalized the workaround in a way to keep activated filters on several pages.

So, user stories :

  • As a user, I selected filters on the Analytics Details page and I move to the Analytics Overview page, activated filters stay activated.
  • As a user, I selected filters on the Analytics Details page and I move to the Influencers page, selected filters stay activated.