What's new ? July 2017

Discover the new homepage of Radarly

new homepage

For a better user experience, Radarly's navigation has been redesigned

What is changing ?

  • Projects list
  • Dashboards list
  • Dashboard sheet
  • The menu

Why ?

  • For a better differentiation of the projects page from the dashboards so that there is no confusion
  • Improve ergonomics in order to add new functionalities in the future
  • Simplify the interface for more understanding of the tool 


To select a project

home Radarly

What is changing ?

  • Resumption of the graphic model of the project sheet.
  • Unified graphical representation for all projects.
  • Better management of blocked / on hold projects


To select a dashboard

What is a dashboard ?
Radarly organizes information in dashboards. These dashboards are created and customized according to the user’s organizational structure and/or the information needed: for example by departments, regions, countries, teams, topics, products etc.

project card

What is changing ?

  • Resumption of the graphic model of the project sheet.
  • The dashboard sheet is completely different from the project sheet to avoid confusion.
  • More detailed description of the dashboard (queries / social accounts / benchmark entities)


To select a page

dashboard card

What is changing ?

  • Resumption of the graphic model of the project sheet.
  • Separate splitting between Radarly pages and shortcuts to advanced features.
  • Illustration and description of pages to facilitate understanding and adding a color by section

The menu contains illustrations and colour code.


Redesign of the post list

We reworked the template of the Radarly post list. 


We implemented 3 different templates of posts.

Compact: Engagement metrics of the platforms
Normal: Engagement metrics + Radarly scoring (Eng. Score / Impression / Estimated Reach)
Extended: Engagement metrics + Radarly scoring + Custom filters + Keywords + Topics

The drop down to select the mode is available on the top of the post list through a drop down.



The reviews have been included in Radarly. Monitor all reviews from a product on one of the covered review sites.
You can filter and sort the post list by rating.



We attached to the reviews two ratings:

  • The Radarly normalized rating
  • The Platform rating

Twitter Follower Map


This feature is a mapping of the topics of interest of your followers on Twitter based on their timeline (Tweet and RT). We grab the latest 200 posts of the followers thanks to the Twitter API.

The goal of the Radarly Follower Map on Twitter is to let you know what your followers are talking about to segment your target audience.

As reminder, the map is only displayed in English but it works for the posts in French, English, German and Spanish. More coming soon. 

The map is computed every month and you have no timeline. You can’t review the map of the previous month.

As default the map is available for all the users with a Twitter account plugged and display in the Radarly Social Performance. To manage the map we need a minimum volume of data (mix posts/users). Because the volume of post generated by a follower is always different, we can’t provide to you an exact minimum of followers or posts to be eligible for the map. 

We estimate you need at least 150 active followers (more than 1 Tweet or RT and fresh publication(s)) to create a map.  

 If too many followers are attached to a Twitter account, we do a sampling of a top 5000 accounts. Top accounts = Accounts with the most important number of followers.