Logo recognition in Radarly

by Wajahat Chaudhry

What is logo recognition?

We have launched our proprietary image recognition technology, Computer Vision, based on our understanding that the web is becoming more and more visual. 

Thanks to this technology, you will be able to monitor, understand and optimize the impact of your brand as well as your marketing/communication strategies. You will not only understand what is being said about your brand but also collect the pictures where your brand will appear.

Use Cases

  • Measuring the performance of sponsoring investments

For brands that invest in sponsoring: with logo recognition, every online mention, whether they are posted by media outlets or by individual users, will be detected, measured, quantified and analyzed. The technology will allow Radarly users to get a great understanding of where and how their logos are appearing. It will let users visualize this data and spot emerging trends. No matter if the logo is blurred, partially visible, or in the background, it will be picked up and processed. This in hand will allow users to analyze their real ROI. 


  • Finding insights

Back in time, a woman posted a photo with her new mascara and the beautiful effect on her face, with a comment "Look at my eyelashes, they look so silky and so extended thanks to my new mascara" was neither collected nor analyzable; still, it was full of insight to detect new usage.


  • Product launches

A product launch: has it been seen, shared? Is the brand actually mentioned, in which context, is it gratifying for the brand? Logo recognition, in every aspect, allows a precise measure of the launch performance and will provide new analysis point-of-views.

Notes :
1. This feature is not retroactive.
2. We currently keep collecting data based on keywords and not directly on images. However, it is not necessary that the brand is quoted in a post that contains its logo. For instance, if we want to analyze the Roland Garros event and collect all mentions of it, we will be able to determine afterward which logos are the most visible on the web even if the brands are not explicitly quoted (the keyword for getting the data being Roland Garros).
3. This feature is included in your Radarly license.

How to activate it?

If you want more details and a roadmap of the deployment, we invite you to contact your Account Manager or the Software Empowerment Specialists via help@linkfluence.com.

New features!

Image analysis

Apart from logo recognition, Radarly also detects the presence :

  • the number of people in the image
  • the gender of people in the image
  • the objects



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