New releases - September 2017

Image analysis

Following the introduction of logo recognition, Radaryl now also detects on an image:

  • The number of people
  • The gender of people
  • Objects and animals




A customised view has been added within Analytics Details,

Improved accucarcy in sentiment analysis

In Radarly sentiment analysis is automated via an in-house built algorithm. However, sentiment can be manually or semi-automatically modified through using the tagging grid. 

Until now Radarly only applied a sentiment to posts in the below languages:

  • French
  • German
  • English
  • Chinese (Simplified)

With the latest release not only comes a new sentiment algorithm which will see 95% of content within Radarly assigned a sentiment, we have also increased our capabilities to cover 20 languages  (Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Indonesian, Korean, Rusian, Spanish, Italian...)

Note: We can now hide neutral posts from the charts (ensure you are only seeing data with an assigned sentiment).




A new product release, a recent campaign, or even a product offer, you will now have the ability to add annotate important events related to recent activity, thanks to Radarly milestones. 

You can now highlight and annotate specific events in your overtime charts. 

You will find this feature within the Analytics Details tab:

  1. First click on the pin. 
  2. Select the tab "Create milestone"2.jpg
  3. When you create a milestone you will need to:

- Define a start date

- Define an end date

- Choose whether your milestone is public or private. 

- Set your time zone 

- Select the relevant dashboard


You can also add an image and description. Also, users can also create private annotations but only a Super Administrator can create public ones. 

Device and OS detection

What devices, operating systems are your influencers and consumers using to edit or publish their content? 

The latest release will now give Radarly users the ability to view if their community is favourable to Android, or IOS and whether your competitors are publishing manually or using an automated solution. 


This feature is currently only available on Twitter. 

Image exports

You can now fully customise your image export. You have the ability to manually select which graph you would like to download in a PNG file.