Posts and Clusters Pages


  • In the header the link called "Posts" through which you can access the Posts & Clusters pages.
  • In the dashboard home page, you have a direct access to these 2 new pages


Definition & positioning

  • With this page you will be able to see all publications of the project with the ability to tag more easily. The goal of this page is to read & classify publications of a project.
  • We optimized the UX in order to give more space to publications, we added the export in excel & csv feature and the ability to filter publications.



Definition & positioning

A cluster is a group of publications about a specific topic. A cluster will enable you to detect emerging topics within your project, to observe how these topics are spread & how they are reaching virality.

This grouping of publications is based on fuzzy match (= approximated textual similarity) & links redirecting to the original publication which created the cluster, so in a way it's the spread of publications about the same "story".

Clusters overview & details pages

You can select a cluster through the cluster overview page to see the publications & analytics of the cluster.

In the clusters details page, you can see :

  • the list of publications within a cluster
  • the graph showing by period the volume of publications per platform type : you can switch to a day-by-day view to a cumulated view. This graph shows where the “story” is spread.
  • the wordcloud of the publications within the cluster
  • the distribution of the cluster publications by sentiment
  • the distribution of the cluster publications by platform type

Also you can filter clusters & publications through the filter panel (same filters as in the Analytics Details page).