Author Recognition (Deep Profiling)

by Wajahat Chaudhry

For a user of one of the social platforms, we extract the name and pseudonym of his user account and compare it to our list of first names (database of known first names from each country) to define his sex.

Then we measure the age of the influencer by comparing his first name to another database, a distribution of birth names by year and by country (currently we only have this data for France and the US), and we assign the median age associated with this first name.

Finally, if we find information that contrasts the implied age (for example if the name "Hugo" seems to be 16 years old according to our algorithm, but the user account indicates that he has 3 children), we do not take into account the age of this influencer. Same behavior if the name is inter-generational and is spread over more than 15 years, we can not define an age range.

Access to the 'Gender & Age' graph


On the Analysis Details page, you can click on the arrow at the top left of the Platforms tile, and switch to the "Author's gender" graph to have the daily breakdown.

This graph displays the demographics of the authors from the information collected on the account of each influencer.

We display the age groups of men & women independently.

Access to the detailed Demographic page


When you access the Analysis Details page, you have access to the "Authors" view by clicking on the tab at the top right of your screen.

You can see the demography of the authors, a comparison of the authors' genders, and the professions of the authors.

New feature!

The device and OS detection

Which devices were used by my influencers to edit and publish their posts, on which operating system, with what edition method?

From now on, you can find the answer on your Linkfluence platform, you can also know if your community is very Android or radically IOS, you can even detect if the publication of the posts of your competitors was manual or automated.


Note :
Thanks to the feature of customized view in the Radarly dashboard, you can create a specific section for the device and OS detection.


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