Deep Profiling

Author's Demography

Access to Demography graph by Gender & Age

When you access the Analytics details page, you can click on the arrow on the top left drop-down of the Platforms tile, and you can switch to the "Author's Demography" graph 

This graph displays the author's demography from the informations collected on the account of each influencer.

We display each age group, for the Male & Female.


Info :
For a user of one the social media platforms, we extract the name and the screen name of his platform's account and compare them to our names listing (data base of known first names from each country) to define his gender.

Then we measure the influencer's age by comparing his first name to another data base, a distribution of birth names per year and per country (currently only for the FR and US countries), and assigning the median age associated to this first name.

Finally, if we find any information wich contrasts with the supposed age (e.g. if the first name "Hugo" seems to be 16 years old according to our algorithm but on his account has three children), we do not take in account the age of this profile. Same behaviour if the first name is inter-generational and is spread over more than 15 years, we can not define an age group.


Access to Demography Details page

When you access the Analytics details page, and the "Author's Demography" graph is displayed in the platforms tile, you can click on the expand button to access to the graph details page.

You can see three graphs : Author's Demography, Authors' Gender by Day, Author's Gender Comparison.