What's new ? July 2016


We just released the latest version of Radarly with the following features:


1- Thematic Stream Graph and its associated word cloud is live

 In the analytics details page, in the platform graph you can switch and display a new graph called the Thematic Stream Graph (Topics).

 Thematic stream graph is the first feature implemented on Radarly that uses our build in house Topic Drops technology. Feature exposes to the users the most popular topics on posts during a selected period of time. In other words, on a dedicated project you have the ability to see the topics discussed by your influencers.

 /!\ Please note that for this version automatic topic extraction works on long contents only (web, media, blog, forum, review, youtube & dailymotion).

 The feature is not retroactive and started to collect data since last 12th July 2016. No data will be available before that date, so you will not see Thematic Stream graph on your Radarly projects.

Here an example of the new topics world cloud:


Here an exemple of the topics graph, zoomed-in mode:



2 - Influencer occupations are now available as a word cloud


We implemented a new word cloud type dedicated to influencer occupations. This new feature allows users to learn more about the job title of their influencers on Twitter, Instagram and Sina Weibo.

 This is a new step of the deep profiling of influencers. Caught information is available on Analytics details page word cloud, Influencers cards and Filters panel.


/!\ Please note that for this V1, the influencer occupations will be displayed in English only.

Here few screenshots of what the occupations word cloud & influencer score card look like:



3 - Social performance improvements

 We introduced inside Social Performance on Facebook a differentiation between what’s coming from the paid VS what’s coming from the organic. Difference have been done for the reach and the fans gained.


  • On post reach, you can distinguish paid reach from organic reach.

Information is available on the global overview page and per post (Social Perf > My Accounts > Global Statistics or Details by status).

  • On fans evolution graph, you can distinguish fans gained through a Facebook Ads Campaign(s) from organic fans. Feature is available on  Social Perf > My Accounts > Global Statistics.

Also, for a better user understanding, some wording have been changed and new tooltips have been implemented.

 For instance, following tooltips are now giving more details about some elements:

  • Twitter, Instagram & Sina Weibo sections: above followers evolution icons.
  • Facebook: above fans evolution icons.
  • Youtube: above subscribers evolution icons.

4 - Listening section still evolving


Presentation of the caught data has been consolidated in the listening section.


  • On the map tile of the analytics details page, we implemented the geo value normalization. You have now the opportunity to filter the geolocalization of the posts per absolute or per relative value. Feature is available on Listening > Analytics Details > map (feature for Towns is out of the scope).

  • We added forum platform type into the Listening > Influencers > Website :

  • Twitter and Sina Weibo post pages are now displaying all the pictures attached to a post.


5 - Reporting & alerting sections

 Consolidation of the data, reports and information you can export through Radarly keep improving with newest features inside the report builder, the coverage reviews and the exports.


#Report Builder:


  • Preview of the report builder slides has been updated with a preview of the influencers slides.
  • Top Influencers slides are now available for all platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Dailymotion, Google+, Website, Media, Blog, Forum, Offline press and Sina Weibo).

#Coverage review:


  • PDF of the Planned Coverage Review is now highlighting in bold the keywords matching the queries with the content of a post.


  • The coverage review (PDF/HTML/Preview) are now providing details about the number of followers/fans of the Facebook and Twitter influencers. New metrics have been implemented. Impressions, estimated reach, sentiment metrics on each post and page rank on each website, media, blog article.


  • Summary of the coverage review has been optimized. Redirection links to the dedicated part have been implemented.



  • Excel exports in the Analytics Details page are now giving the details of the keywords displayed in the word cloud. In other words you will find the details of the Hashtags, Mentions, Keywords and Name Entities of the exported posts.

6 - Monitoring alerts


Dedicated section has been implemented in the threshold alerts: Settings > Alerts > Sending options.

User has now the opportunity to setup the minimum timeframe between two emails for the monitoring email only (not alerts on cluster).


7 - UX / UI and other improvements 

  • New Instagram logo has been updated according to the new Instagram design.
  • Double click on the timeline (green area) selects the whole period (100 units max).
  • New keyboard shortcuts have been implemented on pages of the Listening section of Radarly. Here are the details of the implemented posts:


  • [_] J : Jump to previous post
  • [_] K : Jump to next post
  • [_] X : Select a post
  • [_] F : Mark a post as favorite
  • [_] D : Delete a post
  • [_] R : Restore a post
  • [_] B : Block an author
  • [_] T : Tagg a post
  • [_] C : Add the post to the coverage review

Do not hesitate to check the all shortcuts list through the “keyboards shortcuts page” (shift + ?).


  • Twitter retweets: we notice to the user that counter is based on RT of the original post.


Here an example of  the RT counter tooltips: