What's new ? September 2016

We just released the latest version of Radarly with the following features: Version 1.5.3_Back to school release. Here is the batch of new features:

1- Header and navigation have been refactored

We refactored the whole implementation of the Radarly header, navigation and the sub navigation components. What’s new?

  • The implementation of an hamburger menu on the left
  • The new header organization
  • The new header & sub headers design
  • The new project selector

For your convenience, we created dedicated Zendesk pages to guide you step by step with the new implementation of the header, menu & sub-headers.

Please find below some pictures of the product before and after the refactoring :



 2 - Picture wall is live

A new tile is now part of the Listening > Analytics page > Details tab. Since latest production release, you have the opportunity to overview all the images included in your posts. Images have been ordered by impressions score.  

/!\ Important notice : the duplication of some images is not a mistake as 2 same images can have a different URL.

Here is the picture wall overview on Analytics details page:

Here is the picture wall on zoomed-in mode:



3 - Social performance improvements

Social performance component keep growing: now, you can learn more about your Facebook fans!

The new page is available in the Social performances > Global statistics > Fans sub tab.

This new area offers the top 5 cities of your fans base. It also provides details about top languages spoken by your Facebook fans and catch details about their gender and age.

 /!\ Notes:

  • Because of Facebook limitations, we need 3 days to receive the metrics from Facebook.
  • We started to catch those metrics around middle of July, before this date no metrics are available.



4 - Hootsuite

Partnership between Hootsuite and Radarly is continuing. Radarly filter panel is now live on the streams displayed on Hootsuite.

 /!\ Note : 

  • Latest filters of the tagging panel like the user occupations or the topics are not yet live. They will be part of the next version.
  • To get an access to this feature you need to have a Radarly and an Hootsuite account.

Here is a screenshot of the feature on Hootsuite interface: 


 5 - What’s new on Reporting & Exports

 We keep improving the metrics & information the user you can extract from Radarly. New stuff are available in the Report Builder, the Coverage Reviews and the Exports.

 #Report Builder:

 In the Report Builder > Date picker, you can now select the data consolidation frequency of the charts exported. It allows you to set your PPT exports building charts in months, weeks, days or hours.

Here is where you can select the date range of your charts used in your PPT (in months, weeks, days, hours):


Few examples of the charts made using the different time consolidation frequency :


/!\ Note:

We didn’t set any limit about period the user can select. So, if you select too long periods in hours or days some charts may be difficult to read. We didn’t add any limitation to let the user free in the customization of the reports.


#Coverage review:

Email of the coverage review has changed : in the body of the email we are now displaying the summary of the Coverage Review. You will see the title of sections and the title of posts included in each section.

Below an example of the new email template:


#Excel & CSV Exports :

We matched the template of the metrics displayed on frontend side and the template of the metrics you can export on Radarly.  

 Also, new metrics have been added to the exports:

  • The “Topic” column (after the "Story" column)
  • The Twitter verified author column (after the Twitter Author ID)

/!\ Note :

The verified Twitter account information is not yet displayed on frontend side. This implementation will be part of the next Radarly version. Stay tuned!


6 - What’s new about alerts by email (monitoring & social alerts, report builder, coverage review)

This version was also the opportunity to work on the alerts by email. As users may consider some alerts as spamming we added new features to unsubscribe and monitor frequency of the alerts.

#Unsubscribe from alerts by email

You can now unsubscribe from all alerts you receive by email. This feature will be available for all the newest created alerts, planned Coverage Reviews and planned Report Builders.

 /!\ Note : Even if all the subscribers of the delivery list unsubscribed from the alert, the alert stays created and displayed in the settings section.

 Screenshot of the unsubscribe link on a monitoring alert :


#Monitoring / Cluster alerts through Radarly settings

We added an option to send only one email when threshold is reached for cluster alerts. This option is available in the Settings > Alerts > Cluster Alert > Dedicated checkbox.


7 - UX / UI and quality improvements

Release after release little errors and incoherencies may appear and downgrade the quality of user experience.

Radarly user experience and interface is still important. To do so we worked on harmonizing of components, adjustments of the design and optimizations of some elements. Refactoring of the header was also the opportunity to double check the whole application.

  • Main improvement was the refactoring of Radarly tooltips. Different design, metrics displayed inside not relevant... we worked on a new template and make them clearer for the users.

Here is the Radarly tooltips before and the Radarly tooltips after:


Regarding quality, we also worked on a batch of optimizations and harmonization in order to move forward and increase product quality:

  • We do batch of optimizations on icons and indicators available on the Radarly interface 
  • We reviewed the date formats to set only 2 formats and get consistency between each page 
  • We added missing translations and missing default messages when metrics or info are not available. One of the relevant examples can be the default message when topics graph is not available, when Facebook metrics are missing etc. 

Also we reworked the design of the user account details cards. Update done for all platform types :