What's new with Radarly - January 2018

Geolocation overview

The new Geolocation custom view is a geo heat map of the geolocated posts (declared longitude/latitude). 

The geo heat map displays geolocated posts from the following platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Sina Weibo, Instagram, and Google+. You can show the map using the following metrics: Posts / Posts and Reposts / Impressions and Estimated Reach.

The map doesn't include the posts with a location identified in 'authors’ bios.
The ‘based on XX posts/posts and reposts/impressions/estimated reach’ tooltip, available at the upper right corner of the view displays the number of values displayed on the map.

How to access the feature?



Example of geofencing around the ‘Adidas store’ in Champs-Elysées:


Publication Activity

The 'Publication activity' view is a heat map of the posts, posts and reposts, impressions and estimated reach by the hour. This feature is based on the dates and the hours of the posts and it is working on all platforms. 


How to access this feature?

The Publication frequency heat map is a new feature available in the 'Analytics Details' page of Radarly.

Unlike the Geolocated posts, the Publication activity heat map has not been added as a new custom view in all the existing projects or dashboards by default. Both Super Administrators and Administrators are able to add this feature to their dashboards via the settings tab. Alternatively, you can raise this with your Account Manager or and this can be added. 

Examples of created custom views through the settings that include the ‘Publication activity’ report.




What is Critizr?

'An all-in-one platform to collect, process, measure and glean value from customer feedback'.

Critizr is a platform that collects customer feedback and ratings. Going forward we will display this data in Radarly under reviews. 

What’s the interest to connect a Critizr account to Radarly?

By connecting your Critizr account to Radarly, you can subscribe to the Critizr pages and retrieve all the messages posted on it. To do so, we will manage Critizr pages through a corpus.

How to connect your Critizr account to Radarly?

Please contact your Account Manager or  



Radarly, what else?

Influencer cards optimisations

A couple of optimisations have been implemented in the influencer cards. The influencer cards are visible on the Influencer page (on the right part - Influencer details) or in the list of posts when you click on an influencer’s name.

New counters are available on the following platforms:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Sina Weibo


Verified account badge

This information is now available in Radarly and in the exports (posts/influencers) for the following platforms :

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Sina Weibo
  • Vkontakte