What's new with Radarly - April 2018

New metric based on the Engagement Actions

We implemented in the Listening a new indicator based on the engagement actions of the posts. This metric is another way to measure how a brand, a product or a project is performing (like the impressions or the estimated reach).

How it is measured for the social media platforms ?

Sum of the indexed engagement actions so based on the following social media platforms :

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Google+
  • SinaWeibo
  • VKontakte


This “Engagement Actions” metric is available in the Listening for the following pages:

  • Analytics Overview
  • Analytics Details
  • Analytics Pivot
  • Influencers - All platforms tab


Example of the Engagement Actions metric in the Analytics > Overview :


Example of the Engagement Actions metric in the Influencers :


New UI for the filters

The filters of Radarly and the bar to preview the activated filters have not changed since a long time. A lot of features have been implemented during the previous updates and it was more and more complicated to have a clear preview of the available filters.

It is for these reasons that we decided to restart from scratch and to redesign the whole filter panel.

In a nutshell :

  • A full page to easily preview available filters
  • A new categorisation of the filters
  • A category “Main” with the filters the most used by the users  
  • A new popup with the filters in the Live stream / Report / Coverage
  • A clear preview of the activated filters


Fillers drop down before the update :


Fillers drop down after the update :


Preview of the activated filters before the update :


Preview of the activated filters after the update :


Live counter of the number of posts returned by the filters :


Save combinations of filters :

The redesign of the filters was also the opportunity to upgrade the current filters adding a new feature : Save combinations of filters.  

To save created combo of filters you can use:

  • The dedicated menu (display on the left of the filters preview)
  • The button ‘save current filters’ at the bottom on the left of the new panel


Note :
- At the user level : User A and User B are working on the same dashboard. User A saved a combination of filters, User B will not see the filters saved by the user A and vice versa.
- At the dashboard level : User A is working on the dashboard 1 and he saved a combination of filters. He goes to the dashboard 2 and he can’t see the filters saved in the dashboard 1.

You can change your saved combinations at any time using the dedicated menu. This menu is display on the left of the filters preview. In this menu you can :

  • Edit the name of the combinations
  • Edit the filters saved in the combination
  • Replace a combination of filters
  • Delete a combination of filters


Instagram stories in the Social Performance

We rolled out the monitoring of the ‘Instagram stories’ for the owned accounts in the Social Performance. The monitoring of the stories is doable for the Instagram business accounts (owned).

Instagram API does not allow the monitoring of the stories for the non-business accounts. Find out more about how to switch to a business account here. Also, Instagram API does not allow to do search (hashtags or keywords) on stories. It means you will not see IG stories in the Listening of Radarly.

Implementation in Radarly :

The stories are available in a new tab of the Social Performance > My Accounts > Instagram.


Insights available on Instagram Stories :
  • Replies - The number of replies to a photo or a video in your story.
  • Taps forward - The number of taps to see the next photo or video in your story
  • Taps back - The number of taps to see the previous photo or video in your story
  • Exits The number of taps to leave your story
  • IG Impressions - The number of times a photo or a video was seen in your story
  • IG Reach - The number of accounts that saw a photo or a video in your story


Radarly what else ?

Instagram API changes :

Instagram monitoring in Radarly will change at the end of the month (of April), find out more :