What's new with Radarly - July 2018

Hi there, 

We’re very excited to announce our latest releases on Radarly - learn more about the updates here:


NEW - GeoSearch

With GeoSearch, you can now monitor and analyze conversations around any region or address without defining specific keywords.

You can define those “places” in your project settings and link them to any query of your projects. You’ll also be able to visualize created “places” on the geolocated posts map, accessible on Analytics Details.



How to set up a GeoSearch query?

  1. Go to “Settings” in any one of your projects, and click on the “Geolocation” tab
  2. Create places and groups of places (put in an address or coordinates of a place)
  3. Still in the settings, go now in the ‘Queries’ tab
  4. Create or select a search query (If you want to collect all posts published from a precise place, you can use a query without search terms.)
  5. In the filtering options of your search query select the places or the groups of places you want to link to your query.
  6. Attach your ‘geo-search query’ to a dashboard to visualize it

 How do you visualize the places you're monitoring?

You can see the places you are monitoring in your projects on the “Geolocation” custom view. To access this view, go to Analytics Details, open the drop down with your project view and select the ‘Geolocation’ view.


The menu you can see on the upper left corner of the following screenshots allows you to choose the places that are displayed on the map:


 GeoSearch tracks posts from the following social media platforms:

  • Twitter (exhaustive, specific retrieving method)
  • Instagram (Linkfluence archive*)
  • Sina Weibo (Linkfluence archive*)

(*Note): There is no specific retrieval method for geolocated posts on Instagram and SinaWeibo. These posts are collected in the global Linkfluence archive.


NEW: Queries explorer 

Queries Explorer is a new feature on the Radarly Home Page. In addition to searching for a project, you can now also search for any queries within your projects. 


You can search queries by their name or by their search terms.

Please note that the search bar/explorer is available only to users with at least 2 projects on Radarly.  


Your search results will be divided in two columns:

  • One for projects
  • One for queries



On each result for your queries, you’ll find:

1. A link to the Analytics Details where the query is display

2. A link to the project settings of the query (if you are an admin of the project)

3. A link to a popup explaining how the query is built



NEW: Instagram Business filter

Our new Instagram Business filter allows you to sort posts from an Instagram Business accounts from other accounts. It gives you access to specific metrics (such as engagement actions and premise estimated reach) that are only available to posts from business accounts.

Where do you find this filter?

You’ll find this filter in the Authors section of the Filter Panel. It’s available in all the Analytics pages under Listening



How do you identify a post published from a business account ?

Queries_3.png You’ll find this specific icon after the author’s name for posts from Instagram business accounts.



Redesign of our “Analytics Overview”

To improve your user experience on Radarly, we’ve given Analytics Overview a facelift:  

In a nutshell:

1. Consistent user experience: you can now select queries by using the same Filter Panel as the rest of Radarly (No more checkboxes)

2. Simplified display: non-selected queries are now completely hidden from the page (time chart and in the queries array)

3. More intuitive visualization : you can now display selected metrics in bar charts



4. More customization: you can now customize how the metrics are displayed in the query array, with your choices automatically backed up



5. Smart Actions menu: You’ll see a new Actions menu when you click on any query proposing you a list of actions (filter, switch to analytics details views…). Each list entry is a link that you can open in a new tab if you want (ctrl+click)