Linkfluence Search Tips & Tricks

, by Wajahat Chaudhry

Monitoring your brand over the long term is key to ensuring your reputation and performance. But sometimes you just want to find an answer or an idea quickly. Sometimes, you just want to search for any keywords, and get instant social data analysis in 1 click.

With Linkfluence Search, you can:

Access your brand and campaign performance in secondsUnderstand your audience in a nutshellExplore any trending topic or competitor in one click

Get a quick snapshot of the social conversations around your brand, competitors, campaigns, with key statistics in seconds. Monitor your share of voice, sentiment analysis over time, or compare multiple brands and campaigns to get a pulse on your brand performance.


Is is possible to search for data in the past ?

With Linkfluence Search, travel back in time to track up to 12-month of social conversations.

How many topic can we compare in the same time ?

You can compare up to 6 topics in the same time.

What is the maximum length of a search ?

The maximum length of a search is 1000 characters.

Statisitcs export are available ?

You can export all the charts on the Statistics section in PNG and XLS.

On which database the searches are made ?



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