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KPIs and latest news

Learn in full detail the latest features added to Radarly and the full definition of the key KPIs
Author Recognition (Deep Profiling)
For a user of one of the social platforms, we extract the name and pseudonym of his user account and compare it to our list of first names (database of known first names from each country) to define his sex. Then we measure the age of the influencer by comparing his first name to another databas... Learn more
Logo recognition in Radarly
What is logo recognition? We have launched our proprietary image recognition technology, Computer Vision, based on our understanding that the web is becoming more and more visual.  Thanks to this technology, you will be able to monitor, understand and optimize the impact of your brand as well as ... Learn more
Prepare an event/a campaign
The collection of publications by Radarly is done from the queries parameterized in the project.  Radarly permits the retrieval of data from the past (warmup), but this function does not guarantee the exhaustivity of the results.  When planning an event or a campaign, some anticipation helps to o... Learn more
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Legal Terms

Radarly terms of use
Radarly uses APIs from various third party providers: YouTube: Radarly uses YouTube API Services to collect and store data generated by YouTube users in compliance with: YouTube API Services: YouTube Terms of Service: Learn more
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