What's new ? June 2016

We just released the latest version of Radarly with the following features:

Data Consolidation Frequency

We implemented the new Timeline navigation which allows the user to display the data by hours, by days, by weeks and by months.
You will find the new Timeline & Datepicker on all Radarly pages (Listening and Social Performance sections) :
  • On each page, you will find the time unit selector close to the datepicker, to switch between the different units.
  • This new data consolidation frequency does not allow to display more than 100 units at the same time. However, this little constraint allows to display the data in an optimal time compared to the old timeline. /!\ This limit of 100 units does not apply to exports.
For example : When you select Months in the time unit selector, the graph is displayed by months :
Move from a time unit to a smaller time unit
For example : Move from months to weeks
Scenario 1 : Selected date range is inferior than 100 weeks
When you move from months to weeks, the date range is displayed by weeks and the graph displays the weeks contained in the selected period.
Scenario  2 : Selected date range is superior than 100 weeks
When you move from months to weeks, you see a popin that adverts you "The selected period is too large to be divided in weeks", then you can make three different choices :
  • Click on "Reduce to the first 100 weeks" : the first 100 weeks will be displayed on the timeline & on the graph, and you will be able to click on the scroll arrows to display the next/last 100 weeks
  • Click on "Reduce to the last 100 weeks" : the last 100 weeks will be displayed on the timeline & on the graph, and you will be able to click on the scroll arrows to display the next/last 100 weeks
  • Click on "Cancel" : the date range will stay selected on months and the graph will display the current selected months
Find more information on the Helpdesk :

Improvements in the Listening section

  • On Analytics Overview page, it is now possible to select which query to display on the graph. If you click on a query on the table, it selects & displays only the query in the graph.

  • We implemented the new Demography tile on the Analytics Details page :

  • You can access the tile from the top left drop-down of the Platforms
      • We display the age pyramid of the authors by gender :

      • If you click on the 'Expand' button you can access the detailed page with the distribution of the author's gender over time (3) and the distribution of the author's gender with a donut chart (2).

      • Find more information on the Helpdesk :
      • English version (EN)
      • French version (FR)

    • On the Live Streams page, we added the 'Retweet' filter and the 'Favorites' filter among the filters panel in order to have exactly the same filters panel as on all pages of the Listening section :

  • Ability to filter posts from the Emoji-cloud : You can now click on each emoji from the emoji-cloud to filter posts that contain this Emoji. If you switch to the annotation-cloud, you can also click on each annotation to filter posts that contain this annotation.
    We also implemented the Emoji-cloud on the Influencer cards for all platforms.

  • On the Influencers page you can do a multi-selection of influencers (ctrl + click) and it displays on the right side anaggregated influencers score card with total number of tweets over time, tonality analytics, cumulated volume of posts per query & word cloud :

Social Performance section improvements

  • When the credentials of the social account plugged in the project are not valid anymore, we now display an alert icon on the Social Perf > My Accounts > Overview page and on Social Perf > My accounts > Global Statistics page

Report Builder improvements

  • We added new slides in the Report Builder export :


Coverage Review improvements

  • It is now possible to choose the language of the Coverage Review export on the editing page, among English, French, Deutsch and Chinese.

  • When you create a Planned Coverage Review, it is now possible to define the limit of posts that will be added & exported in the coverage review through a drop-down. The possible values are from 50 to 500.

User Experience improvements
  • We implemented a new design for all tables on Radarly,you can see the new design on Analytics Overview page, Posts & Clusters pages, Influencers page and on My Accounts > Overview page.

  • We implemented a new design for the pie charts, especially when you mouse over the pie chart :

  • On all graphs of the Listening pages, you can now select a range of several days by holding the click and moving along the chart. Range selection can be aborted by moving the mouse out of the chart.
    In every time chart (also in Social Performance) when you select a range, the tooltip of the chart displays the aggregated values of the selected period.

  • Ability to open a post from the influencer card : When user is on the Influencers page or Analytics Details page and clicks on a post from the list on the influencer card, the post will be displayed on the main tile. We also changed the Settings logo in the score card.

  • On the Influencers score card it is now possible to be redirected to the original URL of a Website/Media/Blog influencer in a separate tab of the internet browser by clicking on his name/title

Others improvements

We applied a new restriction for users with a Reader or Writer access level :
  • A user with a Reader or Writer access level that creates a Monitoring Alert has only access to the queries of the dashboards he has been assigned to.
  • Same behavior for the Coverage Review, a user with a Reader or Writer access level that creates a Coverage Review (One-time or Planned) has only access to the queries of the dashboards he has been assigned to.


Improvements of the post export (xls format) : we added the following data & columns :
  • site name
  • post type
  • screen-name
  • the avatar url
  • latitude/longitude for both declared & inferred
  • population for country/region/city
  • twitter user id
  • twitter followers
  • number of twitter RTS
  • number of replies
  • facebook user id
  • facebook page type
  • facebook fans count
  • instagram user id
  • instagram followers count
  • website pagerank
  • inbounds links
  • share on twitter
  • web comments
  • Embedded url for social platforms
  • Embedded media url for social platforms
  • story id